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Wicked Deeds: Witches, Warlocks, Demons, & Other Evil Doers Anthology

I am super excited to finally be able to share this with you guys. Last year I sold a short story I wrote called “Shiv” to the Sirens Call Publications anthology: Witches, Warlocks, Demons, & Other Evil Doers. 

I just discovered this anthology has gone live at long last, so it is officially available for purchase. I’m excited you can finally read it, as “Shiv” is one of my most favorite short stories I’ve ever written. A heart wrenching tale about losing oneself to dark magic and vengeance, it’ll leave you asking just how far you’d go, how much of yourself you’d sacrifice to avenge the one person in your world who means everything to you.

wicked deeds

Sometimes wicked people do wicked things simply because they can…

The twelve stories in Wicked Deeds tell tales of witches and warlocks with ill intent, devilish demons bent on destruction, and other doers of evil who make the world a terrifying place. What is a mother to do when her daughter is gifted but lives under the thumb of her fanatical preacher husband who will brook no talk of the supernatural? What of a demon so desperate to free himself of a trap that he will force another to repeat his atrocities and condemn a young boy to his demonic fate? Or maybe the story of a crotchety old witch with a score to settle against the town she lives in is more to your liking – what evil will the seemingly harmless town-crazy call upon when faced with an ultimatum?

If you’re looking for wicked people with supernatural abilities doing wicked things, this is the collection for you!

Now available in eBook and paperback format from

Boundary Lines by Melissa F. Olson

Boundary LinesAllison “Lex” Luthor may have saved the life of her ‘null’ niece, Charlie, for now, but little Charlie’s powers make her vulnerable in a secret world filled with vampires, witches, and werewolves who would do anything to tap that power for their own purposes. In exchange for protection, Lex agrees to continue serving the Colorado vampire boss, Maven, performing duties for her during daylight hours and lending her unique boundary witch powers by night to Maven’s cause. Already alienated from the Colorado witches on account of her dark nature, her alliance with Maven only serves to disturb the witches that much more, putting Lex smack dab in the middle of very dangerous ground.

When it becomes obvious during a gathering of witches at the Pellar farm on Samhain that something is off about the magic in the air, Lex is drawn into a strange plot that tests her relationship with her vampire boss and further alienates her from the local witches. Whatever it is, it’s drawing on the magical creatures of the Old World, forcing them to act against their own nature, and it’s only a matter of time before war breaks out among the factions. To make matters worse, a ravenous magical reptile has risen from its slumber deep beneath the earth, and it’s up to Lex and her motley assembly of vampires and witches to get to the bottom of things before another innocent civilian is devoured.

When Maven commands that Lex speak with an old spirit that may be able to shed some light on the darkness infiltrating Boulder, Lex realizes she created a barrier in her mind as a child to help her block her ability to see the spirits wandering aimlessly through the world. With the aid of a Las Vegas thaumaturge, Lex digs deep into old scars, unearthing memories of her time in Iraq that she would much rather leave buried. As all the pieces begin to fall into place, a sinister plot so dark is revealed that all out war will be unavoidable unless Lex and her friends can stop it.

I absolutely fell in love with this series a few months back when I read the first book, Boundary Crossed. It felt like an eternity before the second book was set to come out, but thanks to my iron will and incredible patience, I managed to survive the long wait. And it was worth it. There’s something empowering about Lex’s character that makes it impossible not to fall in love with her dry wit and humor. This is a woman who’s seen it all, who’s been to hell and back, and refuses to stand down, and it’s done very believably. Melissa F. Olson did a stellar job crafting Lex.

There is a mild romantic undertone, but the romance in no way dominates the story. It’s just enticing enough to keep romance readers who love a paranormal twist intrigued without focusing entirely on the romantic relationship. There is so much more to Lex, and despite her often standoffish nature, her heart is an incredible place. She’s the kind of girl who would give you the shirt off her back, never thinking about herself in the process, and it’s refreshing to see such an empowered heroine standing center stage without seeming like a fake.

Five out of five stars, and well done! I can’t wait for book three in this series.

Boundary Lines releases on October 13, 2015, and is available to pre-order on for $4.99. I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for a fair and impartial review.