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Sorrow’s Peak Audiobook is Now Available

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Sorrows Peak squareThe adventure continues beyond the Edgelands, as Lorelei, Mad Finn the Reckless and Brendolowyn Ravenstorm journey northeast, through the Alvarii underground and toward Great Sorrow’s Peak, where the horns of a god await to be reclaimed and the spirits of the half-U’lfer of Dunvarak to be woken. Struggling with emotions he should never have been given in the first place, Bren must come to terms with his dislike for Finn, and swallow his jealousy as he watches the most arrogant man in the world fall in love with the woman Bren still believes should be his. Left behind to discover a purpose all his own, Vilnjar travels north to learn the fate of his people and find the sister he left behind, but far more awaits him in the Edgelands than he ever dreamed would be his to claim.

Narrated by the incredibly talented Veronica Giguere, the audiobook version of Sorrow Peak, Serpent of Time Book 2 is now available on select retailers.

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If audiobooks aren’t your thing, you can grab the ebook version of Sorrow’s Peak from Amazon

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Or you can pick up a paperback copy from

Teaser Tuesday: Edgelanders

On the Second Day of Christmas An Author Gave to Me

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Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Reader Appreciation Event is here, and today’s author is someone you know well! It’s ME! And I’m wearing a silly Rudolph headband in my video, so you’ll want to check that out for the giggle-snort factor alone!

12 Days, 12 amazing authors giving back to the readers who make it possible for us to do what we do all year long! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the third author, and feel free to spread my silly around a bit, share this post and the video. After all, there’s nothing better than sharing the holiday love.

I hope to see you over at the Facebook event page. It’s not too late to join us, as the festivities will continue all through the holiday season.

Free Book Weekend: Sorrow’s Peak

Sorrow's Peak Cover New

Sorrow's Peak Cover NewTwo weekends ago I gave away almost 2,400 copies of Edgelanders on Amazon.

If you happened to pick up your free copy that weekend I’ve got good news! You can grab the second book in the series this weekend absolutely free no matter where you live. As long as you’ve got access to an online Amazon retailer in your region, all you need to do is log into your account, visit the page for Sorrow’s Peak and download your free copy.

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About Sorrow’s Peak:

Once a princess of Leithe, Lorelei was exiled from her homeland and led to the city of Dunvarak in the tundra of Rimian. The people of Dunvarak call her Light of Madra, and nearly every one of them has a story about the white hand of light who saved them from death during the War of Silence.

She is their savior, and being a savior is no small task.

Charged with retrieving the fractured horns of the U’lfer god, Llorveth, from a long-dead dragon’s treasure hoard in the belly of Great Sorrow’s Peak, the half-bred U’lfer believe with the horns in hand they will finally be able to embrace the dormant wolf, and rise to stand beside their full-blooded brethren in the coming war with men.

But there is more to Lorelei’s plight than simply retrieving the mystical horns of a silent god. She and her companions, Finn, an U’lfer warrior she shares a mate bond with, and a half-Alvarii mage named Brendolowyn, have made this journey before, and unless they can figure out where they went wrong in past cycles, time threatens to repeat itself for eternity.

If you’ve already got a copy, tell a friend! If you’re new to this series, you can snag the first book, Edgelanders, for just $4.99 on Amazon. If you’ve got Amazon Prime (and you haven’t used your book borrow this month,) or Kindle Unlimited, you can grab a copy of Edgelanders absolutely FREE!

NaNoWriMo 2014: Serpent of Time, Book 3

serpent rising nano cover fire

I took a break from the Serpent of Time series to work on Siren after I wrapped up Sorrow’s Peak, but with November just around the corner and NaNoWriMo launching in a little over two weeks, it’s time to start planning the third book. I love NaNoWriMo. When I’m not bogged down with work writing a short novel (or a minimum of 50,000 words,) in a month isn’t so difficult, but there is a lot going on in November. Holidays, editing work, Dragon Age: Inquisition… It’s going to be a challenge to stay focused, but I will do it.

As I’ve said over the last couple of weeks here on the site, I don’t like to talk too much about what I’m working on, but NaNoWriMo is different. I may post some samples* throughout the process of writing that novel, and will try to update on my progress every day of the month.

To give you a little taste of what I have planned, the third book is tentatively titled Serpent Rising. If you look under the “Books” tab at the top of the site, you’ll see it now has its very own page in the Serpent of Time series section with a brief description. Here’s the description for those of you interested:

It rose from the eastern sea, the writhing serpent of flame intent on devouring time and returning the people of Vennakrand to a time before both the gods and their creations lost their way.

In the streets doomsayers cry, “Nigh, the end is night!” Panic threatens to tear nations apart and war is born from the ashes of despair. Lorelei and Finn must get back to Dunvarak with the Horns of Llorveth to stand with her people, against the coming war with men.

Grappling with her newly awakened wolf spirit, plagued by guilt over the happenings at Great Sorrow’s Peak and coming to terms with her growing feelings for Finn, Lorelei struggles to find her way in a world prophets claim only she can save.


I am getting excited about returning to Vennakrand, and I hope you are too.

If you’re not familiar with the Serpent of Time series you can check out books one and two, Edgelanders and Sorrow’s Peak, available exclusively on Amazon in eBook format. That means if you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow both books absolutely free! Both books are also available in paperback from Amazon and direct from me here on the site. Just drop by the page for that particular book for details on how to order. If audiobooks are more your thing, Edgelanders, narrated by the incredibly talented Veronica Giguere, is available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

*all samples subject to change before the final draft.

Free Book Weekend Extended to Sunday

Edgelanders Reboot Cover

Just a quick note to let you guys know if you weren’t able to grab a copy of Edgelanders Friday or Saturday, the free period was extended to Sunday. There’s still time to grab a free copy. Just drop by your regional Amazon online retailer and grab a copy before midnight in your area.

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If you’ve already read Edgelanders, please consider leaving a review. Reviews help other readers determine whether a book is worth their time. You can also let your friends know it’s free this weekend so they can try it out themselves at no cost. There’s nothing better than a free book, especially on a crisp and rainy autumn afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who picked up a copy this weekend and shared the links in social media streams to help me spread the word. It’s been hanging on tight in the Top 100 charts since Friday morning and I even got to sit next to one of my favorite fantasy authors for a little while yesterday in the Epic Fantasy chart at #4. See, here I am hobnobbing with Brandon Sanderson. I fangirled just a little, and then I took a selfie.

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