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Morovio Needs Your Help!

Morovio Rusted Memory Cover

Morovio Rusted Memory CoverLast month I set up The Wanderer’s Tale: Rusted Memory all across bookstores. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords… It is free through all of those stores except for Amazon, and I’d be ever so grateful if you could help me set it free there as well.

What do you have to do?

It’s easy. Bounce over to the page for Rusted Memory on Amazon, scroll down to the “Product Details” and near the bottom of that section you will see a link that reads: tell us about a lower price. Click that link and a little box pops up asking you to list the lower price. Add a zero to the price box and the shipping price box. Beneath that there is a place where you can link to the lower priced item in another online store. Add one of these links:

Barnes & Noble


Once they have enough people pointing them in the free direction, they will slash the price and it will be free on Amazon as well!

I appreciate any and all help you can offer in this matter. It has been my intention for The Wanderer’s Tale to be free here on the site, and I want the first story in the series to be free on virtual bookshelves as well.

You can also help by leaving a review on Rusted Memory and letting people know you enjoyed the story! Reviews help us as authors more than you could even imagine, often encouraging a reader who might not be familiar with our work to give it a chance.

The Wanderer’s Tale: Rusted Memory, Part Six–Death, Sweet Fleeting Mistress

The Wanderer's Tale Test

The Wanderer's Tale Test

The Wanderer’s Tale: Rusted Memory Part Six

The contents of this file are in PDF format for easy reading in your browser, or on your tablet or ereader.

Want to catch a glimpse at Morovio’s next adventure before it drops here on the site? The entire first chapter of the second tale, Things Worse Than Death, is bundled in with Rusted Memory for just $.99 on Amazon and Smashwords.

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