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#ConstitutionCheck 24 Hour Charity Stream on Twitch

Hi all. I hope you’re having a nice Saturday. I wanted to take a minute to share this with you because my husband is playing in the Constitution Check 24 hour D&D charity stream on Twitch this afternoon at 3 PM EST. He’ll be roleplaying a Dragonborn Barbarian named Palax, and your donations can help him survive in-game.

The stream is raising money this time around for Planned Parenthood, which offers a wide variety of affordable options to women, ranging from sexual education and testing, to birth control and counseling. If this is something you support, drop by the Twitch stream and take advantage of their donation options.


So if you’re sitting inside because it’s rainy where you are, drop by the Twitch stream, say hi to Palax, donate to Planned Parenthood and have a fun Saturday! Oh, and btw, they are giving away prizes in the chat for every $100 raised up to $2400, so sweet loot, ya’ll!