The Hands of War


hands of war

The birth of humanity turned the world upside down. Dominant by nature, humankind were born for war, and they’ll take on any race that dares to stand in their way. They stole the mountains from the dwarves, ran halflings from their farms and have all but annihilated the once peaceful elves. Those who stand against them and live to tell the tale are quartered together in the disease-ridden, ramshackle vicinages hidden away at the backend of every city and village in the land. Forgotten and left to eke out what could hardly be called a living.

Comprised of the last remaining free elves, the Argonel stand against humanity. Led by Taven Grimmbane, Argonel forces attack from the forests they once called their own.¬†They are steadfast and they are fierce. No matter the cost, they will take back all that remains of what once belonged to them, and they will free their people from the unacceptable lives they’ve succumb to. They are merciless, staunch in their quest for elven freedom, and they will not stop fighting until humanity is extinguished.

But not all elves believe war is the answer, even if it is inevitable. Not all humans long to dominate their fellow races.

Cruel hands crush the bones of war. Deft hands weave its tapestry. Healing hands tend to those who suffer its cruelty.

Hands of War, Book One: Heart of the Sun