Serpent Rising

From NaNoWriMo 2014

It rose from the eastern sea, the writhing serpent of flame intent on devouring time and returning the people of Vennakrand to a world before both the gods and their creations lost their way.

In the streets doomsayers cry, “Nigh, the end is nigh!” Panic threatens to tear nations apart and war is born from the ashes of despair. Lorelei and Finn must get back to Dunvarak with the Horns of Llorveth to stand with her people, against the coming war with men.

Grappling with her newly awakened wolf spirit, plagued by guilt over the happenings at Great Sorrow’s Peak and coming to terms with her growing feelings for Finn, Lorelei struggles to find her way in a world prophets claim only she can save.

5 thoughts on “Serpent Rising

  1. Mary Thompson

    Why is this new book on Amazon?

  2. Mary Thompson

    I meant……why is this new book NOT on Amazon?

    1. Jennifer Melzer Post author

      It is in the process of being written, Mary. :)

  3. Mary Thompson

    I thought with the synopsis that it was already completed. Damn!
    Please contact me when it is completed. I really want to continue this series. You have done a great job with all of the characters. :)

    1. Jennifer Melzer Post author

      Thank you so much. If you subscribe to the site, you’ll get updates as they arrive. I’m anxious to get back to Finn and Lorelei and it always makes me happy to hear others are as well!

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