Serpent of Time

In the beginning, there was Heidr, the light and warmth that flickered in the vast emptiness of the sky. From the strands of his own light Heidr wove The Thirteen and gave them each the power of creation. He told them to go forth and make life, just as he made them, and from his children the thirteen races of the world were born.

The All Creator, the father of the gods, Heidr had always been gracious, understanding and kind, but as he watched his children battle ungratefully over the gifts he’d given them, as he watched the children they created take up their causes and fight ceaselessly against each other, he felt something he had never felt before: despair. Despair became rage, and from the strands of that anger he wove the Tid Ormen, the Serpent of Time, and set it spinning upon the world, chasing its own tail for all eternity and cycling time in repetition to teach creation a lesson.

Over and again, the same ills would be wrought, the same hardships suffered, the same angers incensed and the same wars fought as the great serpent of time flowed against the rotation of the world.

Alvarii legends speak of a child born of two gods, a she-wolf with the power to change time itself and rouse the serpent, but lifetime after lifetime a jealous, broken heart has interfered with its waking. Only the keeper of that heart can set their world free, but it will mean giving up on the one thing that has always been his: the woman who was born to slay the Tid Ormen.

Book One: Edgelanders
Book Two: Sorrow’s Peak

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Edgelanders and Sorrow’s Peak

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