Two Weeks and Other Periods of Decay

TwoWeeksTwo Weeks and Other Periods of Decay contains seven speculative fiction shorts by author Jennifer Melzer.

Two Weeks–Two Weeks ago, the hardest decision Andrea Gates had to make was whether to add more butter to her popcorn, or not. When a viral epidemic strikes, she finds herself on the run through a world torn asunder by the walking dead. Every minute counts. Every day she survives is a blessing. And Doug… he’s sort of a godsend. They’ve been through so much together, a lifetime in just two short weeks. She’d do anything for Doug, even if it means putting him down so he never rises again.

The Memory Eater–Feeding her lover memories to keep him alive, what happens when the only memories she has left to give are the ones she made with him?

Archangel– A distant descendant of Earth’s humanity finds herself shipwrecked on the dead planet with an alien assassin. The crew is dead and the ship is only good for shelter. They’re too far out; no one is coming. The wind is cruel, and death is inevitable. A glimpse of green in the east inspires hope amid a sea of endless nightmare. Can Lola reach salvation before there’s no turning back from the edge of insanity?

Ahoy, Matey!–Bullied in junior high because of the body she was given, Sondra prepares to reunite with her graduating class for the first time in more than a decade. She finally has the body she’s always desired, a job she loves and a gorgeous husband who will be the envy of her peers. When a ruptured breast implant leaks into her blood, microbial infection nibbles away at her brain, stoking fires of vengeance inside her that will only be quelled by brains.

‘Til Death Do Us Part–Waking up dead in the morgue, Marilyn’s memories are fuzzy. She faintly recalls not being able to find her Epipen, gasping for life on the floor while groping for the device that could have saved her life, a shadow in the doorway, watching as she died.

Treed–When packing to go anywhere beyond the safety of one’s home, it’s the necessities that’ll get you through. Fleeing from a zombie outbreak in the state park, the only logical option would be to climb a tree. After all, zombies can’t climb, can they? But what happens when you’re trapped in its branches with nothing but a backpack full of granola and bottled water?

The Secret Pages–The world needs to know the truth, no matter what happens. You must tell them everything.

Two Weeks and Other Periods of Decay will be available in the dark places where monsters wait to nibble brains on April 1, 2015–No joke!