Beauty and Other Dangerous Things

Beauty, the standards of which are all too often dictated by society, has a mind and agenda all her own. From Jennifer Melzer and Dragon’s Gold Press, five stories of the beautiful, majestic and dangerous compiled into one collection, the stories told within these pages include:

Beauty–He’s been chasing beauty down for years, wrenching her cold soul from every body it taints, but when the tide turns Brad Shaner discovers a centuries’ old evil won’t be so easily broken.

Hate–Abby dangles on the edge of defeat, torn between saving or slaying the monster that has taken over her life.

The Clockwork Heart–Death offers Summer the chance to save her younger brother Gerald, but when the price becomes too high, she quickly learns some things are better left alone.

Skin–Haunted by longing for her dead husband Jonathan, Katherine follows his faded dreams to his homeland in Scotland to learn a strange family secret he carried with him to the grave.

Between Moons–Seeking revenge on the wolves that slaughtered her family when she was a little girl, Emalyn will take them down one by one until they’ll are dead. When she begins tracking Connor, she has every intention of cunning and seducing him to an early grave. She never expected to fall for the enemy, and when faced with the horrid reality of who and what he is, she’ll have to kill or be killed.

Beauty and Other Dangerous Things (Second Edition) is now available in those dark places where eBooks are sold for just $1.49. You can also borrow it from the Kindle Unlimited Lending Library with your Unlimited membership.

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Beauty and Other Dangerous Things