Winterborn New Cover…and so it was written in the ancient tomes by She Who First Walked in the Garden: the divided kingdom will reunite under a child born of two worlds.–the Dryad Prophecies

All hope was lost the day the promised savior returned to the Underground and accepted the hand of the Goblin King in marriage. As word of The Hunter’s demise spread throughout the land, those most ancient and revered began to fade from the world, flickering in and out of existence like falling stars.

The darkness separating the two kingdoms has receded back into the Darknjan Wald, it lingers on the border–a forever reminder of everything they’ve lost. When an unexpected gift arrives on the doorstep of the Historian, Sylvanus, hope sparks anew as the fading council realizes the ancient prophecies were misread. Hope has not died, it has only just been born, and to keep him safe they must hide the child in the Upland the same way they once hid his mother.

Available December 21, 2013, Winterborn, an Into the Green novelette.

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Audio Sample (narrated and produced by Sarah Pavelec)