Into the Green

Drawn Underground by the kidnapping of her sister, faerie changeling Meredith Drexler must brave the horrors of a world no longer familiar in order to embrace her destiny and rescue the girl from a wicked goblin king.

To save Christina, Meredith bargains with a heart that is no longer hers to give, sacrificing herself to protect all she loves.

The fae kingdom is in shambles, all hope for a return to the light and beauty of old lost when their rightful queen allies herself in marriage to the Goblin King. When she sends them a gift, and begs they spirit her son, Jack, Upland to keep him safe, hope sparks anew in the hearts of those tasked with preserving and protecting all that was once green and good.

But there is another. A child born from bargains and darkness, Krayven has only ever wanted one thing: his mother’s love. Cold and beautiful as starlight, he trails after his queen, an unseen shadow vying for affection she would never lower herself to give. Her secrets are many, and he unravels them one by one, discovering within himself a darkness most foul and enticing.

Into the Green 1-3, containing The Goblin Market, Winterborn and The Darkling Prince, is now available for just $3.99.


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