Siren characterSo… Are you ready to meet Siren Talbot? I don’t want to tell you too much about her, but I can tell you this much: she’s a woman who’s seen a lot of hardship. Her mentally unstable mother disappeared when she was just a little girl, and while that certainly sounds like a terrible thing, she had Aunt Maisie to look after her. On the other hand, her mother’s mental instabilities have left Siren feeling a little insecure about herself. She’s an artist, akin to flights of fancy and the occasional bad decision, and sometimes when she feels really down it seems like the weather knows just how to accent her dour mood. Despite all that, she thought her life was going really well. Her job wasn’t much, but she had hopes and dreams and the promise of an amazing future with the love of her life, Carver.

Carver ImageHe is as polite and quiet as they come, almost to the point of old-fashioned, but that’s what Siren likes about him. He’s reserved and contemplative, and he understands what it means to have an artist’s soul. Carver Ashmore is a household name, an award-winning fantasy author who doesn’t like all the pomp and ceremony that comes with seeing your picture on dust jackets in bookstore display windows. Sure, Carver’s got his secrets, but doesn’t everyone?

As it turns out, Carver has a major secret, a secret it seems she’ll never learn the answer to because he mysteriously vanished in the middle of dinner. No note, no explanation… just poof! Gone.

It was dark business, moving on from that. The lack of answers, the sense of déjà vu whisking her back to her childhood and her mother’s disappearance… she found herself in a vulnerable state, perfect for a knight in shining armor… or a predator.

Patrick characterPatrick Blakely is little more than the guy next door, or so it seems. During the darkest time in her life, he was a friend, a shoulder, someone to coax a smile from her when she thought she had no happiness to spare. She never meant to fall in love with anyone, not ever again, but there was just something about Patrick that begged to be adored. Maybe she didn’t love him, not the way he so obviously loved her, but she could learn to… in time, couldn’t she?

When she discovers an unexpected secret her new husband has been keeping, the tightly woven skein of lies he’s spun begin to unravel, revealing an unfathomable darkness rivaling a villain from a fairy tale. As she begins to question exactly what he might be capable of, she discovers he’s not the Prince Charming she thought he was, and he knows exactly what happened to Carver.

Found out more about the dark magic plaguing Makewell, Pennsylvania within the pages of Siren. Available January 5 on Amazon!

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