friggaJust near the end of Edgelanders, someone very special was introduced. A fair-faced, golden-haired goddess of the forge named Frigga, and the moment Vilnjar saw her on his first night in Dunvarak he knew exactly who and what she was to him: Frigga was his mate. Unfortunately, the dilution of her blood sparked an intense fear inside him that much like his brother’s woes with Lorelei, Frigga would need a great deal of convincing before recognizing the bond between them. In fact, he was fairly certain she would just as soon laugh in his face as acknowledge it. Funny, how much people surprise us, isn’t it?

Along with her father, Broehn Black-Hammer, Frigga mans the Dunvarak smithy, crafting weapons and armor for a city preparing to go to war. Shortly after their first meeting, Frigga offers to craft a sword for Viln, telling him he will one day need it. When he explains to her that he was cast out of his home with little more than the clothes on his back, she asks if he knows any good stories. She promises to pay him pieces of silver each time he tells her a story she’s never heard before, and when he has enough silver to pay her, she will forge him a blade worthy of him.

She is fierce and forthright, a born warrior willing to fight for her land and her people. From the moment she recognizes the bond between Vilnjar and herself she refuses to back down. She’s waited a long time for her mate to come, and she’s not about to let anything come between them now that he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be.

She is the first person in a long time who sees Vilnjar for what he really is, even if he can’t see it himself. Frigga believes there is a hero inside him just waiting to emerge and she’s not about to stand idly by and let him fade into obscurity. She will stand behind him, push him forward and encourage him to embrace the man she knows hides just beneath the surface. As it turns out, that’s exactly what he needs.

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