tony curran is logren in my brainSon of Rognar the Conqueror and brother of the Light of Madra, Logren Bone-Breaker is commander of the guard in Dunvarak. First introduced in Edgelanders, Logren and his men met with Lorelei and her companions at the base of Great Sontok, arriving just in the nick of time to save their collective backsides from a pack of Hunters sent by the Council of the Nine to dispose of them.

We discover early-on Logren and Vilnjar are old friends, and the shock of discovering he is actually still alive and has been spying on Viln for the last twenty years provokes enmity between them early on.

His sister, however, is precious to him and he has been waiting years to come face to face with her. Prior to events in Sorrow’s Peak, Logren’s story about how the Light of Madra saved him is the only one we’ve been told in any great detail. He and his mother were sleeping when the Tyrant King’s fires swept through their village, and had the Light of Madra not reached out her hand to him, he would never have made it out of Vrinkarn alive. Losing both his mother and father in a manner of hours, he found himself under the protective guidance of a half-U’lfer named Hakon, fleeing for their lives into the tundra of Rimian when he was barely eight years old.

tony curran logrenLogren became a man in Dunvarak, the harsh climate and difficult life they eked out making him both capable and strong, but he struggles with his memories of the night he lost everything but his life. A formidable warrior, there is a touch of madness within him that drives him to irrational reactions, making him a crush first and ask questions later kind of man. He is often unstable, argumentative and easily provoked, drinking heavily to dull the pain of things he doesn’t wish to face. He struggles internally with the fact that he cannot take up his father’s lost cause or play the role of adventuring hero with his sister.

While he never quite comes out and says it, it is quite clear that despite having nearly everything a man could want: a loving wife, a strong son and the honor of providing council to his father-in-law, Logren is filled with resentment over not having been chosen to play a more important part in the prophecies surrounding the rising legend of his own sister. His best friend, Brendolowyn, was chosen to aid her instead, but he doesn’t hold that against the mage at all. Instead, he doubts himself, questions his own ability as a warrior and wonders why his sister would bother to save him if she didn’t actually need him. Despite his resentment, he loves Lorelei very deeply and wants nothing more than to forge a powerful bond with all that remains of his family.

His relationship with Vilnjar is often volatile, the two of them clashing in their views and coming to verbal blows over everything from memories of their childhood together to their very different philosophical viewpoints. Much like his deep affection for his sister, Logren both respects and loves Vilnjar because he is a link to the past Logren can’t release from his grip. He is a memory of times in his life Logren believes were better, even if he knows deep down they were not.

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*Images: I often cast characters in my imagination, and the moment Logren came alive inside my mind, he reminded me of a slightly bulkier Tony Curran, especially in his role as Weath the Musician in the film The 13th Warrior. Casting actors is sometimes a great way to help build and strengthen characters. I just wanted to share a glimpse of what he looked like to me. I love that kind of inspiration.

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