brendolowynBrendolowyn Raven-Storm, first introduced in Edgelanders, arrived at Great Sontok with Logren Bone-Breaker to escort Lorelei and her U’lfer companions to the hidden city of Dunvarak in the tundra of Rimian. As early as her first meeting with him, it was pretty plain he was mysterious, contemplative and generally moody, but it’s not until the night before the companions embark on their journey to Great Sorrow’s Peak that we, as readers, discover just why he’s so… well… broody.

Contemplative and intelligent, Bren has a dark past he doesn’t like to talk about, even if the events are never far from his thoughts. Born to an Alvarii mother and an U’lfer father, his mother’s people call him Bristalv, a derogatory slight that translates to: less than elf. The U’lfer of Dunvarak welcome him, but he is never quite at home among them, as they often refer to the Alvarii as his people. Having divided roots, he has never felt as though he belonged anywhere, and wants desperately to find his place in the world.

As a young man he embarked on a journey to find his U’lfer father against his mother’s wishes. Abducted by slavers just miles from his home, he spent several years in Bok’naal, the mages’ arena. A slave in the lek’orum of Molaak’lekai, he was forced to fight if he wanted to survive. The experiences of this time made him a formidable battlemage, a man skilled in both the arcane arts and physical combat. He is also incredibly sensitive, a fact that makes Finn cringe every time he realizes how easy it seems to be for Lorelei to talk with and confide in the mage.

Bren’s meeting with Lorelei and her companions at Great Sontok was not his first encounter with her. Like all the people of Dunvarak, the Light of Madra held out a hand to him. Because she saved him, he holds Lorelei in the highest regard and would do anything to keep her alive, but the reasoning behind his unlimited devotion to her is questionable. There is an unbreakable bond between Bren and Lorelei, but he can’t explain the reason for that bond without putting their quest and their friendship in jeopardy.

Brendolowyn earned the moniker Raven-Storm when a sand troll attacked his childhood home. Terrified for the safety of his mother, he unwittingly called upon a storm of ravens to protect her. It was the first spell he ever cast, and unable to control the birds his mother was forced to overpower her son’s magic. She sent the whirlwind of ravens back to the sky, but one stayed behind: Hrafn. The bird immediately bonded itself to him, and Brendolowyn’s mother told him Hrafn was an ancestor spirit sent to watch over him. After that day the two were nearly inseparable, and the bird can often be found perched upon the mage’s shoulder or lingering in the overhead skies–always watching over him.

One of the things I love about Brendolowyn is his strength. He has seen so much, been through many difficult trials. I know exactly what he’s capable of, even if he doesn’t seem to.

Want to learn more about Brendolowyn Raven-Storm? Check out Sorrow’s Peak September2014. You can also pick up a copy of Edgelanders, available everywhere ebooks are sold for just $.99!


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      The nice part about swooning over Bren is that he would be more likely than anyone else to at least catch you, even if he had to let you down gently after.

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