lokiI’ve been trying to keep everyone updated on where things are with Serpent of Time, but I suppose I’m not doing a very good job. I’ve been remiss in my updates here on the blog, but in some ways that means I’ve been keeping very busy. It doesn’t make matters any easier that we lost one of our babies yesterday morning. Our husky, Loki, passed away early in the morning, and it’s been really hard to focus on anything but the sadness and pain of losing someone we loved so very much.

And I say someone because he was a part of our family. I met him shortly after he was born, and he chose me to take him home and give him a good life. It wasn’t always easy because he was born with bad lungs and from the time he was very little, he had trouble breathing. Vets misdiagnosed it as allergies for years, before finally doing X-rays two summers ago and discovering the issue. They treated him with steroids, but steroids are not a way of life and eventually even those didn’t work.

Despite lifelong┬áhealth issues, he was a very happy dog. Always. He loved everyone so deeply. He always knew when he was needed for a little comfort or a cuddle. The night before he died, he came over, laid down beside me and proceeded to tear his sheepie to pieces all over the floor I’d just vacuumed. Then he wiped his nose on my blankie and grinned at me when I told him to STAHP!

So I’m trying to keep myself busy, but it hasn’t been easy to focus on things I know need to be done. At the moment, I am about halfway through this round of edits on Sorrow’s Peak, but that means nothing. Because of the scope of the world I’m working in, I have to be meticulous and it takes time. I need to make sure everything lines up properly, characters remain in-character despite their changing circumstances, locations don’t accidentally shift and purposes stay clear from beginning to end. But I am making progress and I still hope it will be ready for publication this summer.

I’ve also gotten some audio back from the lovely and talented Veronica Giguere, who is busting backside to get the Edgelanders audiobook finished. It sounds amazing, so I’m very excited for you to hear it. If you missed the opportunity to check out the introduction, it’s always available on the Edgelanders page and will be for sale in its entirety on Audible, iTunes and Amazon VERY SOON!

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  1. Malia

    So sorry about your family member. It’s never easy when they go. Sounds like he had a wonderful life with you and your family!

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