The Janus AffairFollowing hot on the heels of Phoenix Rising, the first Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novel, The Janus Affair sees our archivists thrust smack dab into the center of another dangerous, covert operation.

Women all over England are demanding the right to vote, but the world does not always welcome change. When daring suffragettes begin mysteriously disappearing, Agents Books and Braun find themselves in the middle of this dastardly conspiracy, a conspiracy their fellow agents at the Ministry (one agent in particular) seem to be ignoring as they turn in unsolved cases to the archives.

This time, however, the conspiracy is delightfully personal, as one of the Suffragists leading ladies, New Zealand activist Kate Stafford, finds herself targeted. Bringing Eliza Braun’s past to London with her, along with the son Eliza was once romantically tied to in what most certainly feels like another life, Braun finds herself struggling with the threadbare ties to her old life and the connection she’s come to feel with her new life in England. Charged with the task of protecting Kate and getting to the bottom of these mysterious disappearances, she calls upon her partner, Wellington Books, Esquire, to break the rules once again and join her in the field.

With the romantic tensions mounting as the mystery and suspense behind the disappearing suffragettes rises, The Janus Affair was an enthralling read that sets readers up for the third thrilling novel in the series: Dawn’s Early Light, which is set to drop via airship into bookstores an online retailers, March 25, 2014. To find out more about Dawn’s Early Light and get yourself entered into a drawing to win one of three prize packs, drop by and check out the excerpt I posted last week!

I have to say, I love this world Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris have co-created. The steampunk elements are exciting, the action nearly nonstop and the characters feel like old friends from page one on through the remainder of the story. You can’t help but realize mid-way through this story that there’s nothing in the world you want more than for the two main characters to get together because they compliment one another so well.

4 out of 5 stars and highly recommended for those who love steampunk, action, mystery, alternative history and mayhem.

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