I have been furiously tapping the keys for the last six weeks on the sequel to Edgelanders. About 1/3 of this novel was written months ago, some of it even shared on my Erica North website, but much of it has been axed or reworked over the last six weeks, additions have been made and the old posts have since been removed from the site.

As the story comes together, the word count reaching an epic scale that might very well rival Edgelanders in size, I find myself getting excited about the things I have planned for the end of this book and the plans I have already started making for the book that follows. I am also looking forward to a little break while the manuscript rests, so I can work on a few other projects I have planned for this year.

Originally I’d intended to call book two Rise of the Wolf, but as the plot progressed the true title revealed itself to me: Sorrow’s Peak. That title is official now. I see no instance, considering elements of the plot, that will change it, so it’s earned its very own page right under Edgelanders.

I am hoping to have some neat stuff to start sharing over the next few months. Character profiles, excerpts and of course, the cover, which is in the works right now.

This means you have lots of time to get lost in the Edgelands, if you haven’t already. You can get to know three of the characters right here on the site, check out an excerpt and grab your very own copy of the book, which is available in paperback and eBook all over the world and will be coming in the next few months as an audiobook.

I can’t wait until I have more to share, and I hope those of you who’ve been to the Edgelands are as excited as I am to get to the next book.



3 thoughts on “Serpent of Time: Sorrow’s Peak

  1. Dana Pearson

    I’m really enjoying Edgelanders on audible and hope Victoria is working her magic on sorrow… Don’t want too wait 6 months! Fingers crossed!u
    Wonderfully evolving story

    1. Jennifer Melzer Post author

      Hey Dana, I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying Edgelanders. Thank you. Sorrow’s Peak is due out in paperback and eBook next month. The audiobook won’t be available until closer to the holidays, I’m afraid.

      1. Dana Pearson

        Oh i will eagerly await that moment… The interplay of personalities is fascinating…I’m on chapter 25 as i write… Loving this book and will review it soon

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