Finn and Lorelei by Karein Williams

Finn and Lorelei by Karein Williams

With a name like that, a man’s bound to be interesting. One starts wondering what kinds of things he might possibly have done in his life to have achieved that kind of title, and knowing in their heart they must have been pretty crazy. People like Finn are often born of necessity–the necessity to escape the yolk of oppression that’s been thrown around his neck by an overprotective guardian.

Born U’lfer, Finn is a full-blooded wolf and able to embrace his beast at will. He was raised by a very strict older brother in a severely oppressed community that frowns upon the beast within, and forces its inhabitants to refrain from transformation to uphold the treaty that won them the small strip of land they inhabit: the Edgelands. Before he was born, the U’lfer were a savage, warmongering nation of wolves without a home to call their own. Sure, they settled in places from time to time, but they had no homeland, so they were always searching.

Finn’s father, Deken, was executed for treason shortly before Finn was born, so his care and raising fell to his mother and his older brother Vilnjar. As much as she loved him, Finn’s mother Eornlaith grieved for her mate until the day she died just after Finn turned ten and the remainder of his upbringing fell to Vilnjar. Vilnjar is a strict, uptight man who has very strong opinions about how compliant his brother should be to the rules. Finn not-so-humbly disagrees, and as the story begins the impression is given that he’s given his older brother more grief and trouble than one man should ever have to endure. Anyone who’s ever had contact with a teenager can tell you this is rather typical behavior, but Finn is far from typical. He’s spent the years since he’s come of age causing as much trouble as possible in hopes the Council of the Nine will exile him from the Edgelands and set him free.

One of the things I enjoy about writing Finn is his attitude. Sure, he’s mouthy and stubborn and there are plenty of times even I think he needs a good smack, but his outlook on life never fails to give me pause. He lives for the moment, seizes the day as often as possible and because of this he tends to know exactly what he wants. So few of us can say we know exactly what we want from life, and even when we have a vague idea it’s often difficult to just reach out and grab it, but reckless madmen earn such titles pursuing the things they really want in the world. Finn is possibly one of the maddest and most reckless people in the story, which means he’s also one of the only people who’s following his heart exactly where it’s telling him to go.

The relationship between Finn and Lorelei is complicated from the start. They are mated, a bond between souls that was forged before they were born and draws them to one another. Because Finn is full-blooded U’lfer, his  bond to her is unbreakable. He can never hurt or betray her, never forsake her or leave her for another woman because his heart belongs to her. Unfortunately, the strength of the bond between them is weakened by the impurity of Lorelei’s U’lfer blood, and though he pines and longs for her in ways that make his soul scream, until they are fully mated she has the capacity to walk away from him and choose another mate without suffering the same painful consequences.

finn and lorelei by kikiIt’s a dangerous thing, the kind of love one has no choice in, but the fact that he would lay down and die for his mate–even if she hasn’t acknowledged and accepted him as such–makes him extremely valuable to Lorelei. Finn will do everything in his power to protect her and keep her alive. Considering the magnitude of the tasks the gods have assigned to Lorelei, a man like Finn on her side will be essential to her survival, but she doesn’t have to choose him if she doesn’t really want to.

I love Finn. While I really hate to play favorites when talking about the characters I’ve written, I have to say he is by far one of my all-time favorites. As a little girl, I had a huge crush on Han Solo, and I won’t lie, there’s a bit of Han in Finn’s character. He’s snarky, sarcastic, witty and just crazy enough to do whatever it takes to get things done. Fortunately for Lorelei, he’s not in denial about the way he feels about her or what he’s willing to do to keep her alive.

I cannot wait for you to meet him.

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*artwork by the incredibly talented Karein Williams and Kiki. You can explore more of Karein’s artwork on Deviant Art and you can check out Kiki’s work there as well.

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